Personal Pronouns Introduction (A1)

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warm up:

Papa kauft Dennis kein Eis: 


— in contemporary German, we do not have different personal pronouns for addressing a child, an adult or a man or a women. We only have the formal “Sie”, which is declined like the third person plural, and “du” (informal).


With personal pronouns you address the participants of a speaking situation.

ich/wir: is the speaker (ich = singular, wir = plural)

du / ihr: is the addressee (du = singular, ihr = plural)


If you are talking about something or someone,  er / sie / es (singular) / sie (plural) will be used. Most often, the object or person is absent, but in context already mentioned.

Es” is often used as a connector in German and does not necessarily have to refer to a neuter noun.


You use “sich” instead of accusative or dativ, if Agens and Patiens are identical. Obviously, this is only possible for specific verbs.
–> Ask for “Reflexivität” and “reflexive Verben” in my session~~

In the following exercise, please replace the nouns with personal pronouns. You will get more exercises in my session.

Adrien kocht für seine Freundin. 

Adrien macht eine Suppe für seine Freundin.

Adrien brät ein Hühnchen für seine Freundin.

Adrien macht einen Salat für seine Freundin.

Adrien kocht Nudeln für seine Freundin.

Adrien macht eine Mousse au Chocolat für seine Freundin.

Adrien ist müde.


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    Kedar said:
    8. July 2014 at 6:43 am

    Hi. Wo kann ich die Lösungen für diese Übungen finden? Ich möchte meine Antworten überprüfen.

      Valeria May responded:
      8. July 2014 at 9:25 am

      Ich habe dir die Lösung per email zugeschickt!

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