Weekdays in German

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Did you know?

The weekdays in German are reminiscences of the antique Germanic heaven.

Also compare Italian weekdays with the stars of the Romanic heaven.


Weekday English Weekday German Germanic God in Germanic Heaven Associated Star in Romanic Heaven Weekday Italian
Monday Montag Mond Mond Lunedi
Tuesday Dienstag Tyr/ Ziu
(Guardian of Law)
Mars Martedi
Wednesday Mittwoch Wotan/ Odin
(Father of the Gods)
Merkur Mercoledi
Thursday Donnerstag Thor
(God of Thunder)
Jupiter Giovedi
Friday Freitag Freya
(Goddess of Love)
Venus Venerdi
Saturday Samstag Sabbat Saturn Sabato
Sunday Sonntag Sonne Sonne Domenica

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