adjectives and adjective compounds (A1-B1)

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In this lesson, you will get an idea about the mechanisms to built new adjectives in German. You may widen your vocabulary and it is easlier for you to remember the new vocabulary once you know the mechanisms and the single compounds. In German, many adjectives are built through these compounds (Komposita).

1.) First the basics: Try to figure out the translation of the German basic adjectives in your native language by looking at the picture (I have the copyright on every picture here.). Always try to find the opposite of every adjective. (A1-level)

What may that mean?


2.) Now have a look at: Determinativkomposita
= a basic adjective and a determination, which can be from different word classes. It’s a little bit more advanced.

a) nouns as determination:

eiskalt (ice-cold = freezing)

steinhart (rock-solid)

schneeweiß (snow-white)

butterweich (butter-soft)

blitzschnell (lightning-fast)

freudestrahlend (joy-luminous = jubilant)

wunderschön (wonder-beautiful)

lebensgefährlich (life-dangerous)

b) adjectives as determination

quicklebendig (fast-vivid)

scharfsinnig (sharp-sensed = sagacious)

c) verbs as determination

bettelarm (begging-poor = destitute)

d) other words as determination

überglücklich (over-happy)

überdimensional (over-dimensional)

Try to find more examples for these Adjektiv-Determinativkomposita in German from your textbook (B1+ level).


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