Valeria May

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lessons: current rates
10 x 60 min €360,00 EUR
10 x 45 min €330,00 EUR
5 x 30 min €150,00 EUR


Here is a Chinese story about why it is important to learn a foreign language:


One day at the evening, an old master rat took a group of young rats out to have dinner. In the kitchen of a household, they found the rests of some dishes in the trash bin. No sooner had the group of rats started their meal, than a loud noise scared them. It was the noise of a cat. The rats ran off, but the cat was behind them. One of the rats was too slow and the cat could catch it. But no sooner wanted the cat eat the rat, than one could hear the loud noise of a dog. The cat dropped the rat and ran off.
In that moment the old master rat appeared at the side of the trash bin. He spoke to the small rats: “I always told you that it is essential to master a foreign language. This time, the foreign ‘language’ has saved your life.”


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